Parents’ guide

Sending your kids away to school is a big decision.

Here’s what you need to know about their studying in Germany.

It’s the best move for them.

Getting a degree in Germany means your kids starting their careers with no worries about being admitted, no challenges about having to learn foreign languages, no crushing debt, no guilt about their having strained your finances – and with excellent job prospects.

This is because German universities use simple sets of entirely objective criteria to decide on admissions, because they charge no (or low tuition), because 2,000 degree programs are taught in English, because costs of living are very low, because grants are available to defray them, and because German companies – world-famous for their successes – are avid recruiters of the country’s graduates.

It’s the best move for you.

This is because studying in Germany means no worries about your kids being safe and happy. Germany is famous for being a secure, clean and well-run country – with great public transportation and world-class housing. No car needed. It’s also full of some of the world’s most cultivated, vibrant and beautiful cities – Berlin! Munich! Hamburg! Heidelberg! – and best-loved countrysides – the Alps! The Rhine! The Lake of Constance!.

Germany is also located in the heart of Europe. This puts such favorite destinations as Paris, Venice, Vienna and Amsterdam only a few hours away.

So you will turn each visit with your kids in Germany into a vacation that you will never forget.

It’s a great move for Germany.

Germany has an aging population. It needs an influx of bright young people to ensure that its booming high-tech economy continues to flourish.