Why Germany

Ten reasons to study in Germany

Studying in Germany is highly popular among international students.

300,000 of them attend Germany’s universities. That ranks the country behind only the United States and the United Kingdom worldwide. Just under one third of these foreign students are from China; with over 5,000 from the USA and Canada.

That’s because

#1 Germany’s 428 universities offer invariably high-quality education. Germany is the world’s role model for excellent and innovative products and services. Its system of higher education is the wellspring of this excellence – as shown by the relevant rankings.

#2 Germany is affordable. No tuition is charged at the country’s 329 public universities. Scholarships and subsidies for daily needs are widely available, as is moderately-priced housing with the exceptions of such high-demand cities as Munich.

#3 Germany is international. English-language instruction is widely prevalent. Germany’s universities now offer more than 1,700 degree programs in English. Munich’s Technical University – regarded as Germany’s MIT – has announced plans to conduct all its masters’ degree programs in English by 2020.

#4 Germany welcomes foreign students. It places no quotas on their enrollment, and has systematically streamlined visa and enrollment application procedures.

#5,6,7,8 and 9 Germany is safe, clean, easy, cultivated and fun. The country has the world’s lowest level of crime. Its air and water are clean. As any visitor to the country will be happy to testify, Germany’s cities are spotlessly maintained and have excellent public transportation. Germany also has what is probably the richest cultural scene in the world. Key fact: more than one quarter of the world’s professional orchestras are in Germany.

#10 Studying in Germany is a great way to start a career. BMW, Daimler, Siemens, SAP, Volkswagen and many other business powerhouses recruit heavily at the country’s universities, as do leading consultants and international institutions.


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